There have been many books on Dahmer. But the exploitationinspiration does not stop there. This section will introduce you to Jeffrey Dahmer in the Arts!

The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer photo

The blurb for it reads:

“The fictionalized story of the most publicized and notorious serial killer in history, this film depicts “the Secret Life,” a period which spans over 14 years of his attacks and murders.

Unlike other mass murderers, Jeffrey Dahmer seemed to get no great thrill from the act of killing. It is what he did after they were dead that set him apart — labeling him the most perverse cannibal killer of our  time.”


The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer · d. David R. Bowen, 1993, color 97 m., Magnum Home Video · Here’s the runaway winner of the “If I Don’t Stop Laughing, I’ll Start Screaming” sweepstakes. Inexplicably hidden away in the “Gay and Lesbian” section of my local video emporium, this masterpiece of true life sleaze and terror has to be seen to be believed. A one-man writing/producing/directing tour de force by David R. Bowen, Secret Life is an unnervingly accurate look into one of the most disturbed individuals to get 900 years in jail since well, I guess he’s the first. It’s all here: lobotomies without anesthetics, guys getting shoved into buckets of acid, severed heads in the fridge, weight-lifting buddies chopped up into bits under grandma’s porch, all brought to us by eyeball bulging lunatic actor Carl Crew (the retarded brother George in Blood Diner). Of course, the real Jeff was not hip enough to wear a She Devils On Wheels t-shirt, but otherwise a completely (if ineptly filmed) accurate portrayal. And when Jeff starts kissing the boiled skull, it really tugs at the old heartstrings.

The Unauthorized Biography of Jeffrey Dammer

The Comics

Jeff Dahmer comics

Theatrical Plays:

Reza Abdoh
The Law of Remains
unpublished? 1992?

A play about Andy Warhol and the Factory crowd making a movie about a serial killer called Jeffrey Snarling.  Premiered in an old hotel in Manhattan, with the audience shuffling from scene to scene in different rooms on different floors and the players’ every sound amplified as they reenacted Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes and read at length from Milwaukee police reports. Called a “demonic work of experimental theater”, also “a metaphor for governmental indifference to the AIDS crisis”. Other characters: Connie Francis, Pee Wee Herman, Rudolph Nureyev, and Ronald Reagan the “sultry sex goddess”. ( New York Times February 24, 1992: C15, C17 and February 26, 1992: C19.)

Alan Francis and Mike Hayley
Jeffrey Dahmer Is Unwell
unpublished? 1995?

A play involving two roommates, one a “serial killer fanatic”, the other a “model aeroplane fetishist”, each with a twin brother. ( The Guardian August 28, 1995, Arts: 9.)

Mark Osele
One of Jeffrey’s Kids
published in SpoonFed Issue No. 2 (1996)
available? from SpoonFed, PO Box 21036, Washington DC 20009-1036 USA

A three-scene play about the place of effeminacy in gayness, with some discussion of whether Dahmer preferred effeminate men.

A Poem

Bin Ramke
“A History of His Heart”
in The Missouri Review v. 18 no. 1 (1995): 166-169

A beautiful poem about what is in us, including Dahmer.
“Inside is a small reason to live.”

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