Jeff's apartment 213
Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment

With his heart pounding Tracey Edwards made a grab for the door of Oxford apartment 213. His only instinct was to run to be free of the mad man who had only moments earlier held a butcher’s knife to his body and threaten him with death. Tracey was destined to become victim number seventeen until he made a break for freedom.

Tracey had accepted the offer made by Jeffrey to go back to his apartment to watch pornographic videos. Tracey was a Heterosexual male and didn’t consider anything wrong with the offer. Until he was inside Jeffrey’s apartment and realised that he was about to become a player in a sick homosexual perversion which had previously left sixteen other victim’s dead and dismembered. Thirteen of these victim’s were discovered in various states of decay and dismemberment in his apartment after his arrest.

In June of 1978 Dahmer found his first victim in eighteen year old Steven Hicks he was picked up while hitchhiking to his girlfriends house. They got to talking and Dahmer offered to buy Steven Hicks a couple of beers at a local bar. Steven thought this offer sounded find as long as Jeffrey would drive him to his girlfriends house later in the day. Steven Hicks was never seen alive again.

According to Jeffrey he drove Steven to his grandmothers house murdered him and placed him in a crawl space below her house. A week later he dismembered him and buried the body. At a later date he was forced to dig the body back up. He then ground down what was left of Steven Hicks. No Remains of Steven have ever been found.

On September.15, 1987 Jeffrey meets Steven W. Tuomi, twenty eight years. He is to become Jeffrey Dahmers second victim. Steven like so many after him becomes a sexual plaything for Jeffrey Dahmer. Raped, murdered and dismembered.

In January 1988, Jeffrey Picks up a male by the of James E. Doxtator in West Allis he is enticed by Jeffrey’s offer. Little did he know that same afternoon he would become the third victim of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Only two months later in March 1988, Jeffrey Dahmer thinks his pray’s have been answered when he meets Richard Guerrero. Richard is taken back to Jeffrey’s grandmothers house and murdered, raped, photographed and dismembered.

In 1989 Jeffrey visit’s a gay bar called “La Cage.” At closing time outside the bar he is approached by a man called Anthony Sears. Anthony’s friend Jeffrey Connor offers to drive the men to Jeffrey’s grandmothers house. They are dropped of at the corner of 56th street, in Lincoln, in West Allis. Anthony Sears is never seen again, but his skull, scalp and penis are found in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment when he is arrested over two years later.

In June 1990, Dahmer is on the prowl once again. Victim number six comes in the form of Raymond Smith. He Drugs, Murders, rapes and dismembers him. A painted skull discovered two years later is that of Raymond Smith.

Edward Smith meets Dahmer in June 1990, at a bar called “The Phoenix Bar.” They get to talking and find they have a lot in common Jeffrey makes a suggestion that they go back to his place for sex. The offer is accepted and they travel back to his apartment via a taxi. Once inside they engage in sexual activity and it’s then that Edward is killed. No traces of Edwards body have ever been found.

Sometime in September 1990, Jeffrey got to talking with a man called Ernest Miller he had met Ernest outside well known homosexual bookstore on North 27th Street. He had asked Ernest if he wanted to go back to his place for some fun and to watch pornographic videos Ernest agreed. He was murdered, unlike the rest of his victims Jeffrey kept his body and had millers full size skeleton in his bedroom.

Three weeks later, Jeffrey meets David Thomas he is enticed by Jeffrey’s offer and goes back to his apartment. Once there Dahmer kills him and photographs the body in different states of dismemberment. He is identified by his sister by the photographs that were taken.

At 4p.m. in February 1991, Another victim meets Jeffrey Dahmer he is Curtis Straughter. He is murdered with Jeffrey’s leather belt. Dahmer keeps the skull, hands and genitals from this victim. He is later identified by dental records.

On April the 7th 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer meets Errol Lindsey outside the same bookstore that he previously met Ernest Miller. He decides to go with Jeffrey to his apartment. Once there he is drugged, raped and dismembered. Jeffrey decides to keep Errol’s skin this is found after his arrest. He is identified from dental records.

Tony Huges was the next victim of Jeffrey Dahmer they met at a gay club called the “219 Club”. Tony was born death and dumb, but communicated with Dahmer by writing with him and also lip reading. Back at his apartment he was drugged, strangled and died sometime shortly after. His corpse layed on the ground for three days. Before Jeffrey went to work on him. He was to be identified by dental records.

Dahmer met Konerak Sinthasomphone on the twenty seventh of may 1991, he accepted Dahmer’s offer of money. He posed for photo’s in his underwear and was killed soon after. Parts of his body were keep and used by Dahmer at a later date.

It’s now a month later and Jeffrey goes to a gay pride parade in Chicago and meets Matt Turner. He invites him to come back with him to Milwaukee.He says yes and they travel back to Milwaukee in a greyhound bus to Jeffrey’s home town and killing field. Once there they engage in sex and he is then killed.His head and internal organs were found in Jeffrey’s freezer his headless torso was also in the apartment.

One week later Dahmer meets Jeremiah Weinberger also in chicago. They met in a gay bar called “Carol’s Gay Bar” from there both men travel back to Milwaukee and start to live together as a couple, until Jeffrey decides to kill him on the fourth day. His head was in Jeffrey’s freezer at the time of his arrest and his body was found next to Turners.

On July 15th 1991 Jeffrey comes across a man called Oliver lacey he like so many others before him is killed and photographed in various stages of dismemberment. His head was found in Jeffrey’s Freezer his heart was in the refrigerator.

Four days later he mets a white man called Joseph Bradehoft he is murdered and the corpse left on Jeffrey’s bed for two days until he starts to dismember him .His head was found in the freezer the same day Dahmer is arrested.

The last and only surviving person to escape from Jeffrey Dahmer is a black man called Tracey Edwards he is the only survivor who lived to tell the tale.

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