A lot has been said about Jeffrey Dahmer before and after his death this page is designed to clear up a lot of those rumors.

1. Jeffrey Dahmer used a chainsaw to dismember his victims.

Lie- Jeffrey’s apartment was some what small and the noise that a chainsaw makes would have drawn attention from his neighbors. Dahmer did his dismembering in his bath tub with a knife. No chainsaw was listed from the evidence recovered from his apartment.

2. Jeffrey Dahmer was found dead in the prison toilets with a mop handle sticking out of his eye socket.

Lie- Jeffrey was still alive after the attack. He died on his way to hospital in the back of an ambulance. In the attack on Dahmers life Christopher Scarver used a lead pipe to fatality injure Jeffrey. A mop handle was never used in the attack on Jeffrey Dahmer’s life.

3. Jeffrey Dahmer is said to be the founding forefather of cannibals anonymous.

Lie- Dahmer was only known to eat the bicep from one of this victims. This hardly warrants him being called anything let alone the father of cannibals anonymous. No other body parts from any victim’s were eaten by Dahmer.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer tortured and killed animals.

Lie- Jeffery Dahmer was a lover of animals. I agree that he was fascinated with the skeletons, but I must draw the line at people saying he killed animals. There was an incident when Jeffrey Dahmer impaled a dogs head on a stick, but when Dahmer came across this animal it had been dead for some time. There is also the incident when Dahmer went along for a ride with a school friend. He said that while in the car his friend would deliberately swerve to hit dogs that had walked onto the road. Dahmer was disgusted by such a cruel act and felt sorry for the animals that were killed be his friend.

5. Dahmer was insane.

Lie- Jeffrey Dahmer never denied his involvement in any of the killings of his 17 victims. In fact he was said to be one of the most helpful serial killers that the police had ever come across and helped them with there investigation against him 100%.

6. Jeffrey Dahmer was strapped down to the autopsy table.

Lie- Though coroners have been known to preform many autopsies. Jeffrey Dahmer had been dead for quite some time when the coroner started to cut into Dahmer’s body. I doubt Jeffrey would have come back from the dead to do anything to the coroner.

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